My approach to Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

I practice psychodynamic psychotherapy, especially as it has been developed in the object relations tradition. My approach is based on four main beliefs.

Goals of Psychotherapy

My primary goal as your therapist will be to partner with you to help you to:

Your Responsibilities

To this end, it will be your responsibility to speak as freely and truthfully as possible. It is important that you choose what we talk about each session.

A good rule of thumb is to discuss whatever feels most alive at that moment. This might be an event that happened that week, a dream you had, or an emotionally intense memory that came to mind.

My Responsibilities

I will listen carefully and nonjudgmentally. Additionally, I will find ways to (gently) push you out of your comfort zone by asking difficult questions and at times offering conjectures.

This only works if we can explore your unconscious thoughts and feelings, and although doing so ultimately provides healing, the process itself can at times be uncomfortable.