Empower Your Journey
Authentic, collaborative therapy for meaningful change
Discover meaningful change through authentic, collaborative therapy that empowers you to navigate life’s challenges and live according to your values.

My approach?

I practice psychodynamic psychotherapy, especially as it has been developed in the object relations tradition.

Therapy can be a waste of time. You can sit down on someone’s couch, spend fifty minutes venting, and walk away feeling a little lighter but knowing that nothing has really changed. It doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe you’re having difficulty navigating a complicated relationship. Maybe you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or low self-confidence. Whatever your story, the right therapeutic relationship can facilitate meaningful change.

My job as your therapist will be to understand you and to help you more fully understand yourself. I will listen carefully and non-judgmentally and push you to discover those thoughts and feelings that have eluded your conscious awareness. It is not my job to tell you how to live your life but rather to help you gain understanding and to encourage you to live according to your own values and ideals. My approach is authentic, inquisitive, and collaborative.

I truly love this work and care about each of my clients, and I would be honored to hear your story.​